Madrid, Spain
Client. Private
Date. 2020
Area. 1200 sqm
Cost. Confidential
Scope of our work. All stages of design, construction of special features  and site supervision.
Status. In Progress

This house is a private commission made by a couple with two children, owners of a very large  and exclusive plot of 15.000sqm in La Moraleja, in the outskirts of Madrid.

The plot is a very rich natural landscape, mainly an oakgrove and a pine forest and one of the main aims of the project is to integrate into this environment and ecosystem, so typical of Madrid, while making it the most enjoyable and and experientially enriching for its owners and visitors.

The other main goal of this project, being a very big house is to provide a built environment that promotes a healthy and joyful family life, avoiding usual problems of big houses and mansions: too many empty rooms, lack of a shared intimacy and isolation of its members.

A family house with a heart

The house combines two typologies into one scheme:
On one side, it is a courtyard house. A house closed within itself, intimate and protected from the exterior, with all the private rooms looking at each other through a courtyard that encloses a protected version of the landscape, setting the rythm of day and night and the flow of the seasons throughout the year.
On the other side, the public areas and terraces deploy in the manner of a “hacienda” house. A house that dominates the views and looks proudly into the landscape.