Furniture Collection_ Flagship Stores-Espacios de venta


A must for the identity and memorability of your store

In a world full of marketing signals it is necessary to stand out through the emotional implication of the viewer. Besides, there is more to life than selling and merchandise. Honest communication, honest involvement in the betterment of the life of others must be a societal value regardless of the nature of the institution delivering it. This pieces of furniture are authentic pieces of experimentation with materials and ideas of biomimetism, natural processes of material addition but also with elegance and the tactile dimension of the envisioned object. They play with the key role of mirror neurons and the capacity of objects to deliver empathic bodylike qualities.

pieza Fregaria2

1 The indestructible table-garden

Kawamata4 (2)

DSC05423 DSC05410 DSC05432 (2) DSC05418


2 The Flagship Store collection

pieza Fregaria2 Kawamata4 (2)


3 The breathing display wall

expo centro centro David Moreno prueba 4 IMG_1388 IMG_1513 _MG_2952 _MG_2957 _MG_2967 _MG_2985 _MG_2990 _MG_2992 _MG_2999 _MG_3007 _MG_3120 _MG_3509 IMG_1510 _DSC0352


4 The lamp garden

Interior9 Interior8 GB2psalon1salon13salon20


5 The crater coffee table

crater buena 1 crater buena 1 detallepieza-Crater5+nombreW


6 The  green house table


7  The corner lamp

lamp 3

8 The fascinating bed


9 Stand for DuPont

Montaje2 Montaje3 Montaje4


10 The 1mm bookshelf



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