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GilBartolomeADW nominated for the Smart Future Minds Award

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GilBartolomé ADW nominado para los Smart Future Minds Award
“Los 10 proyectos que optan al Smart Future Minds, se exponen en estos días en la Alfombra de las Cuatro Torres de Madrid. Estos trabajos han sito escogidos
por: Enrique Sarasola (creador de los hoteles Room-Mate); Antonio Lafuente (físico y escritor); Pierluigi Cattermole (editor de Experimenta); Santiago Cirugeda (arquitecto social y responsable del estudio Recetas Urbanas).

Is life more enchanting in an exuberant square? – Proposal of enhancement of public activity: The exuberant square of devices

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1.General Vision

Wind-responsive-lighting-deviceThere is a role that is becoming very important in contemporary cities: that of a transportation-meeting-informal urban life hub placed very close to representative public spaces of the city. A place that is vibrant of everyday life activities, that is astonishingly illuminated, that not only gives service but celebrates the diverse situations that are going to take place in it. Having a packed lunch, waiting for friends, meeting to go somewhere else or waiting for a bus or a taxi are marvellous activities that hundreds or thousands of people are engaged in these active public spaces.

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