GilBartolome Architects have been shorlisted for a kindergarden school 0-3 years in Wallenhorst.

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  • 19 July, 2018

Location. Wallenhorst Osnabrück, Lower Saxony
Client. Gemeinde Wallenhorst
Date. 2018
Area. 1199 sq m
Cost. 3.1 mIllion Eur
Scope of the work. Landscaping and architecture, all design and construction supervision stages


The site is located in the southern centre of Wallenhorst, between a residential area (2storey high buildings) and a school (Alexanderschule).

The building is meant to provide daycare for children up to 3yrs old. By current requirements there will be 5 groups. It must be made suitable for a future change in function to be used for older children or even as a home for the elderly.

Until now, the site is used for agricultural purposes. To the south it is next to a youth centre, the building of which is one storey tall with an open space in the east. In the west, it meets the outdoor sports area of the school, from which it will be separated with a hedge.

The proposal considered a large opened courtyard and an exterior playground to the South and West, with classrooms facing South, and communal spaces  and services to the North.