Gilbartolome ADW is an International Architecture Office devoted to the design of expressive and innovative buildings following the highest technical and professional standards.

Gilbartolome is well known for the design of extraordinary houses and for its recognized experience in Airports

We believe in the importance of a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the needs of the clients


Our team work ethics is to execute with the highest level of responsibility and experience to maximize our value to our clients. We also respect and design sensitivity towards each client’s taste, desires and design aesthetics. GilBartolome works closely with our clients to establish mutual respect and trust. We provide well-rounded and integrated services to our clients. We stress in the importance of architectural completion and also design process. Each stage of the design process is organized to facilitate and coordinate between different organizations, systems, and to satisfy all levels of quality control. Finally, GilBartolome uses the most innovative and cutting-edge design tools and applications to perform a variety of two dimensional drawings and three dimensional modelling.

We could synthetize our strength in the following key points:

We are experienced in Housing and Airport Design projects, Masterplanning, Landscaping and Interior design  
We are a Spanish team with high quality standards in design and delivery. We have experience in working with two of the most renown architects of this time Zaha Hadid and Richard Rogers
Hands on approach, CEO´s will be leading design and being responsible for the delivery of the project
Great experience in concept design stage, quality architecture, flexibility and ability to control costs on early stages
Experience in working in different countries with different cultures, social and economic backgrounds.

Our services include

1. Urban and Master Planning
2. Architectural Design
3. Interior Design and Product Design
4. Feasibility Studies
5. Planning
6. Cost analysis
7. Engineering Structural design
8. Engineering M&P
9. Prototyping
10. Digital fabrication
11. Computer modelling and simulation
12. BIM in all project stages